FL80 Freightliner 3000 Gal. Pumper Tanker Fire Truck Sold FL80 Freightliner 3000 Gal. Pumper Tanker Fire Truck Sold to Mt. Hope Fire Department in Kansas delivered in time for their annual parade.

FDIC in Indianapolis !! Both Used Fire Truck Divisions are attending the FDIC in Indianapolis, our southern Division in Florida and Our midwest Division in Southern Illinois. See you there!

Delivered another fine used fire truck. This beauty is ready to get to work and start helping the community of Hoxie, Arkansas.

Used fire truck delivered and ready to put out the fires out in Napa Valley. 1,500 structures lost reported Oct 9th 2017.   http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-napa-fires-20171009-story.html

Bradford Fire Apparatus sends used rescue truck to its new station in Kingston, Tennessee.

Somerville Texas – Used pumper fire truck helps put out Structure Fire after delivery is photographed here helping put it out.  Look how those lights shine up the work area!

City Of Winterhaven received their breathing apparatus. The fire truck meets all their Departments needs.  A great Fire Department to work with! Looking forward to working together again!!!

Jim J at the college called and said they needed a New Apparatus for the Training at the College.  They had a budget and we were able to work with them.  Upon delivering the used Fire Truck, a 1995 E-one, we Jumped out and they Put the apparatus truck in Service.  Great team they have…

Used Fire Tanker The fire District of Yuma Colorado just got their used fire Tanker delivered yesterday.   Ready to head out for Wild Fires that might come. They are really enjoying the new truck for their district.  They are ready to go …

Blackfoot Idaho is getting ready to receive their second fire truck. They want a truck like the 1st one they received from us.  They are so happy with the truck, we found them a second for their fire department to match it.  Getting it ready to ship……….

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